Re: Trying Chinese herbal therapy

From: Robin Medici (
Tue Feb 13 08:44:30 2001

Wally What interesting information! Like all of us, I have to deal with the pain (and am having a bad day today but can work from home, thank heavens)and don't want to sbumit to surgery if I can find an alternative. I've looked up alternative medicine web sites but not had much luck - how did you find the herbalist in your area? Is there any way to check on their credentials? I'm very curious to explore this and would appreciate any information you can share! Robin M

At Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Wally wrote: >
>I have read with interest many of the messages on these message boards &
>other areas of this web site. Ihave suffered from extensive adhesions
>for years and wasn't told that each surgery I had was creating more scar
>I had 4 c sections and last year a hystorectomy. Obviously my problems
>have increased & two weeks ago a laperoscopy revealed that my overies
>are completely surrounded in scar tissue....the Dr couldn't find them!
>There is also extensive scarring on my bladder reducing it's capacity to
>approx. 1 cup. My bowel has also been pushed up, and I suffer from
>considerable pain.
>My Dr has said that I will probably require more surgery. Neitherof us
>want this, so I have started herbal treatment with a traditional Chinese
>Herbal Doctor. The herbal is totally discusting *grin* but if it helps
>me avoid surgery,or builds me up to cope with surgery better, I will
>give it a good try.
>I have been taking it for a week, and find that I am coping better with
>my days, and have had a couple of nights with 8 hours sleep! Which is
>amazing. I am not expecting a quick recovery, I am aware that this is a
>long term treatment.
>I have chosen to try this because of the success my husband has had with
>the same herbalist for intestinal problems. He has been off western
>medication for 8 months now and his health is almost completely
>So......I guess my long winded message is......don't give up until you
>have tried everything you can find. I will let you know how things
>progress. I send everyone a warm smile and ask you to smile at someone
>else. A smile and positive attitude has always helped me cope. God
>Bless & good luck to you all.
>You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

Robin M.

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