Trying Chinese herbal therapy

From: Wally (
Tue Feb 13 04:32:11 2001

I have read with interest many of the messages on these message boards & other areas of this web site. Ihave suffered from extensive adhesions for years and wasn't told that each surgery I had was creating more scar tissue!

I had 4 c sections and last year a hystorectomy. Obviously my problems have increased & two weeks ago a laperoscopy revealed that my overies are completely surrounded in scar tissue....the Dr couldn't find them! There is also extensive scarring on my bladder reducing it's capacity to approx. 1 cup. My bowel has also been pushed up, and I suffer from considerable pain.

My Dr has said that I will probably require more surgery. Neitherof us want this, so I have started herbal treatment with a traditional Chinese Herbal Doctor. The herbal is totally discusting *grin* but if it helps me avoid surgery,or builds me up to cope with surgery better, I will give it a good try.

I have been taking it for a week, and find that I am coping better with my days, and have had a couple of nights with 8 hours sleep! Which is amazing. I am not expecting a quick recovery, I am aware that this is a long term treatment.

I have chosen to try this because of the success my husband has had with the same herbalist for intestinal problems. He has been off western medication for 8 months now and his health is almost completely restored.

So......I guess my long winded message is......don't give up until you have tried everything you can find. I will let you know how things progress. I send everyone a warm smile and ask you to smile at someone else. A smile and positive attitude has always helped me cope. God Bless & good luck to you all.

You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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