Denial and fear are part of adhesion-related disorder...

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Feb 12 20:09:03 2001

Bev has given me her permission for me to post the following which she shares from her personal experience:

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If you are suffering from the pain of adhesions, you are probably feeling pretty desperate for relief of pain; but you may have decided to try everything but surgery to relieve your pain.

In Bev's words: "Heck, I did!!! I remember Deb ( video #3 ) telling me she thought I had HER disease...adhesions!! I will NEVER forget me standing behind my desk in the nurse's office saying to her ( and smuggly at that!! ) that MY pain was NOT what she had. No way and simply NOT!

"I was going for my 5th surgery even though I knew what Deb went through. My GOD, I still did it...totally convinced I did not have the same adhesion problem she had!!

"I see now it was denial, fear, and the safest mindset I could keep myself in at that time; because, if I would accept that I did indeed have HER adhesion disease, I might have to face the reality of what I saw her suffering with! I did NOT want to face that. I did NOT want to get ill and suffer like Deb was. And I did NOT want a disease that couldn't be helped ( at that time ). Well, guess what? Because I didn't want to face the reality of adhesion-related disorder ( ARD ), it didn't make it go away!!!!

"You're right. All people, who suffer from adhesions, need to do what they feel and think is best. Maybe, just maybe, it will work for some of them!! Unfortunately though, knowing this disease as we know it, that is highly unlikly, isn't it!! I am of the opinion that we MUST tell it like it is...even if it is the worst case scenario; because that will give these people the determination to educate themselves about ARD...and, as a result, the ability to make informed decisions!!

"So, for those few who "peek" in now and then and find the IAS Message Board too negative, well, they are ME standing behind my desk many years ago; and everytime my dear friend, Deb, walked in and asked how I felt, that was negative to me!!!! And all she did was try to help!!

"To deny and fear this disease is all part of it. To try every avenue in searching for relief from pain, is also part of it. But, as I look back now, I wish I had been offered the knowledge and experiences that are shared on the IAS Message Board today. I would have been spared alot of suffering as well as alot of time. And I would have saved alot of money, that's for sure!!"

Facing the reality of adhesion-related disorder by educating yourself about adhesions is the first step!!

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