Terrie wants to share her happy ending...

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Mon Feb 12 20:15:43 2001

Terrie wants to share her happy ending...

I have had great pelvic pain that continued throughout the year. My ob/gyn said to make sure it wasn't a kidney stone. In March she actually sent me for a KUB x-ray to rule out kidney stones -- since I have had them in the past...and to rule out intestinal problems.

I was in the middle of getting testing done for the intestinal problems when my pain increased. The dr. was ready to do a hysterectomy; but the urinary tract symptoms increased ( blood in urine and burning, without signs of infection ). So, she sent me back to the urologist.

In late October, after almost a full year of pain, they found a 1cm. ( very large ) stone that was lodged above my bladder. It had apparently been there all year and was not diagnosed through a regular x-ray. It was diagnosed at this time with the IVP x-ray.

So, while I fully believe in great pain and discomfort from adhesions, you might mention to women that -- if they have any blood in the urine or other signs of urinary tract symptoms ( burning... ) -- they should get to a urologist and get an IVP x-ray ( not a KUB x-ray ) to rule this out as a source of pelvic pain. I was very fortunate to not have more damage ( the dr. predicts 3% reduction in kidney function ).

I am very fortunate that my ob/gyn insisted that I rule out other factors before surgery. I was very frightened of surgery; since I had read all about adhesions that can form as a result of a hysterectomy.

So, this is a hallelujah ending with no surgery...and lack of pain. I just want to share my happy ending and also tell you to encourage women to rule out other problems, such as kidney stones, before considering unnecessary surgeries. Tell them to insist on the IVP x-ray ( where they inject the dye) ... as I have recently read that up to 30% of all stones are missed with a regular KUB x-ray.



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