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From: Robyne Hinks (
Mon Feb 12 02:07:38 2001

Dear Stacy This a tough time for anybody not just someone who has to go through all we have to.This is surely a testing time for your relationship and if it doesnt work then it is for the better.You cannot cling to small hopes Im sure if you read the thought for the day from Jenny then things should be much clearer You cannot afford to dwell on this you need all the strength and emotions to get you well.I hope I dont sound too bitchy but you must understand that you alone cannot make a relationship work It has to be twofold.When I was in hospital for eight months I certianly found out who my friends were.There was only Tom(my husband) who came everyday and my children on the weekends and two friends rang me about every two or three days and that was all and yes it does hurt but I learnt that I could not dwell on this it was interferring with my healing.You have all of us that understand you and what is happening to you and I reach out to you with a graet big hug and will keep you in my prayers.Love always Robyne

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> Hi everyone,
> I just want to thank each and everyone of you for your support and
> prayers. The surgery I had on 1/31, went far. I came through
> it very good....My surgeon who was expecting a hour long surgery ended
> up in the OR with me for about 3 1/2 hours. My insides were a complete
> mess again....and this is just after having surgery just 4 months ago.
> So, this is 2 surgeries in 4 months. I am still in a great deal of pain
> and I am just not sure if it is all post-op or adhesions already. I am
> beginning to feel a little better, although I can't eat anything. If I
> do my stomach swells up to the size of a watermelon and boy am I in
> pain. I am not doing so good emotionally right now though. I am not
> getting very much support from my boyfriend of 7 years anymore. I think
> he is just tired of my sicknesses. We were together 7 years and then we
> split up and were apart for 3. We just got back together about 10
> months ago and the whole time we have been back together I have either
> been in the hospital or laid up in pain. I love him very much. He told
> me today that he doesn't know how much longer he can take this. It
> broke my heart...I am feeling all alone right now because he was the one
> person that I definetly thought I could depend on for support. He does
> love me he just says that he can't handle this and if I were to ever
> need another surgery he doesn't know if he would ever want to be with me
> again. I have already had 5 open abdominal surgeries and I don't want
> or plan on having anymore, but with our disease you never know. I just
> hate having to wonder in the future if I will just be swept under the
> rug because of my sickness. I feel like no one wants to be with me
> because of my illness. I married a man after my boyfriend and I split
> and he left me because of my illness. I have been crying all day long,
> I am in a very deep depression right now which I know does not help my
> healing process. Could everyone please keep me in your prayers I am so
> scared and don't know what to do about all of this. Thank you again for
> everyone's support I don't know what I would do without this website.
> In loving friendship,
> Stacey
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> Stacey

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