Re: Wish Me Luck ;-))

From: jenny low (
Sun Feb 11 09:18:59 2001


I love the bowel story! That is too funny. It reminds me of when I was little at church one Sunday when someone asked this little girl how her pregnant mommy was. She said,"My mommy is at home. She has hemmrhoids." I am sure her mom appreciated everyone at church knowing that. I didn't know what they were at the time myself but for some reason that has always stuck with me. I knew it couldn't be something good because of the face my mom made.

I am praying for you. Please let us know how you are as soon as you are able. My surgery is Friday, Feb. 16. Pray for me too, please!

Love, Jenny

>From: "niko" <>
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>Subject: Wish Me Luck ;-))
>Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001 22:23:47 -0600
>Hi Everybody,
>Yes, I'm off to Brisbane today, keep me in your prayers. I am feeling quite
>tired of it all, but happy there is some relief in sight. Not looking
>forward to a long journey though.
>I highly recommend really getting to know people on this board, if they are
>close to your home, give them a ring !! Support each other as much as only
>someone else dealing with this problem can understand.
>I have made some absolutely wonderful friends from the board.Helen rang me
>last night, all the way from Western Australia, and we have so much in
>common. What a doll she is, her words and support were just what I needed
>to get through another long night. Thanks Helen, you know I'll call you as
>soon as I return ;-))
>Robyne is such a trooper, and a angel. Caring and kind even though her
>problems outweigh us all. Can't wait to see her, and try to give her some
>support back ;-)) My mobile is 0401 599 736 if something unforeseeable
>happens Robyne ;-)
>And of course SUZEEEEEEE, she is an absolute card, who grapples with all
>her MALPRACTICE frustrations every day. Yes, a doctors error has left her
>with a totally frozen bowel. If anyone has any information on a frozen
>bowel, please help us try to find a way to help my Suze ;-)) I will be
>pushing my specialist for information moreso for Suze than myself. I can't
>wait to give you a hug Suze,
>And of course all the letters of encouragement from everyone here, make
>such a difference.
>No amount of money can ever repay kindness. The understanding of EVERYONE
>here, helps me to keep going when it seems hopeless.
>I wanted to share a precious moment with you all as well ;-)) When I moved
>Interstate, my Mum, myself and my son Jake, stopped at a Motel for the
>night. I was making my way up the stairs and the Caretaker was going to
>open our door for us and give us fresh milk. My son piped up on top of his
>voice .. "My mum is slow up stairs, because she's got bowel problems".
>Gawd, talk about embarrassing, he said "Oh" .. and I wanted to scalp him
>right there LOL .... but now it is such a precious memory ;-)
>Keep reaching out everybody, keep sharing, I adore all of you, because you
>understand me.
>Love Always
>Trace xo

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