Wish Me Luck ;-))

From: niko (nicko69@dingoblue.net.au)
Fri Feb 9 21:22:45 2001

Hi Everybody,

Yes, I'm off to Brisbane today, keep me in your prayers. I am feeling quite tired of it all, but happy there is some relief in sight. Not looking forward to a long journey though.

I highly recommend really getting to know people on this board, if they are close to your home, give them a ring !! Support each other as much as only someone else dealing with this problem can understand.

I have made some absolutely wonderful friends from the board.Helen rang me last night, all the way from Western Australia, and we have so much in common. What a doll she is, her words and support were just what I needed to get through another long night. Thanks Helen, you know I'll call you as soon as I return ;-))

Robyne is such a trooper, and a angel. Caring and kind even though her problems outweigh us all. Can't wait to see her, and try to give her some support back ;-)) My mobile is 0401 599 736 if something unforeseeable happens Robyne ;-)

And of course SUZEEEEEEE, she is an absolute card, who grapples with all her MALPRACTICE frustrations every day. Yes, a doctors error has left her with a totally frozen bowel. If anyone has any information on a frozen bowel, please help us try to find a way to help my Suze ;-)) I will be pushing my specialist for information moreso for Suze than myself. I can't wait to give you a hug Suze,

And of course all the letters of encouragement from everyone here, make such a difference.

No amount of money can ever repay kindness. The understanding of EVERYONE here, helps me to keep going when it seems hopeless.

I wanted to share a precious moment with you all as well ;-)) When I moved Interstate, my Mum, myself and my son Jake, stopped at a Motel for the night. I was making my way up the stairs and the Caretaker was going to open our door for us and give us fresh milk. My son piped up on top of his voice .. "My mum is slow up stairs, because she's got bowel problems".

Gawd, talk about embarrassing, he said "Oh" .. and I wanted to scalp him right there LOL .... but now it is such a precious memory ;-)

Keep reaching out everybody, keep sharing, I adore all of you, because you understand me.

Love Always Trace xo

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