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From: jenny low (
Fri Feb 9 14:43:56 2001

Hi Teresa,

I am sorry that you are having to go through this with your dr's nurse. I went through that last year. The nurse told me she thought I was getting dependant on the pain meds. I could go 3 days with no pain meds but then the pain was unbearable. It ended up they removed a softball sized mass, adhesions, and 3 inches of my colon. I really wanted to cream it in her face. And with words I guess I did! I said, "See! I told you I was in pain. I wasn't just wanting pain meds!" ANyway, she no longer works at my dr's office! Not because of me though. She quit to stay home with her baby. I am glad you told her what you did. If it keeps up, I would definitely request to speak to the dr himself. I hope you don't have any more trouble. I just called in to my dr for a refill too. I guess they will call and let me know if they are going to refill it. I don't want to be caught over the weekend with no pain meds. I am having surgery in one week so maybe that will be the end to it! Prayerfully so! I hope you have a better weekend. I wonder myself too about these people that work in the medical field who have no compassion. Seems like they are in the wrong field. My sister is in nursing school and will greaduate in April. She said they were taught that whenever a patient says they are in pain to never doubt them. I guess some people forget that as they go along. I guess we will just dream about those pain free days and hope they will come soon for all of us. Wishing you a great pain free weekend.


>From: "Teresa Waldrop" <>
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>Subject: Accupuncture
>Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 23:53:59 -0600
>I haven't written much in the past few days due to the pain. I have been
>trying to keep up with everything. I wanted to tell everyone that I used
>acupuncture for a while to help. It was wonderful for the first 3-4 months.
>Actually, she was the one that told me that I needed to go back to my gyn.
>because she felt that there was something going wrong with my appendix.
>About a month after that I had surgery (again!) and my doctor had to remove
>my appendix because it was folded in half and connected with adhesions. She
>was surprised that I didn't have my appendix taken out when I had my total
>abdominal hysterectomy. I know how much it helped me for a while and I
>would definitely recommend that everyone give it a try. It takes about 3-4
>visits before you notice a change. I was surprised how it helped me. I used
>to think that stuff like that was wacky. I hope that you can understand
>what I'm trying to get across. I know that I am jumping back and forth. You
>all know what the pain med. do to your brain when trying to think and type
>at the same time. I go back to my doctor Monday to talk to him about
>helping me with my decision about the PA doctors. Wish me luck. Especially
>since my doctor's nurse is smarting off to me about refilling my pain
>medicine. I told her that if she had another suggestions that may help with
>my pain that I would be glad to try them, but until then I needed my
>medicine or she needed to let my talk to the doctor. Finally then she said
>that she would let me have "one last refill". I hate being at the mercy of
>others just to be able to get through a day without screaming from pain.
>Who do these people think they are? Why can they control how bad I do or do
>not hurt? If the doctor could fix this I wouldn't need their help.
>Here's to Priceless Days for us all !!!!!! - Teresa

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