Four years since last surgery for adhesions and still fine today...

From: Helen Dynda (
Fri Feb 9 14:40:47 2001

[ I received the following information from a lady from Missouri, who claims that it has been FOUR YEARS since her last surgery for adhesions and she also claims: "I am still fine today as far as adhesions are concerned." ]

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[]] The following information is from her letter:

"My husband found information about Seprafilm on the Internet. The information on Genzyme surgical products is: One Kendall square; Cambridge, MA.02139-1562. The phone number is: 617-252-7500 or 800-261-1570. [ NOTE: Current address and phone numbers are listed below. ]

"All I did at that time was to call and talk with a Genzyme representative. I told her that I wanted a list of surgeons, who use Seprafilm. Lucky for me there was one in Missouri.

"The Doctor who did my surgery was just a plain surgeon. He talked with my husband and me and went over the procedure."

"I am sure if you call them they will guide you to finding someone that may be close to you. Hopefully Genzyme will help you in your search."

NOTE: Since it has been 4 years since her surgery, I re-checked the address and phone number for Genzyme. The current address and phone number are: Genzyme Biosurgery; 64 Sidney Street; Cambridge, MA 02139-4136. The phone number is: 617-494-8484 or 800-284-2876.

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[]] Information about Seprafilm can be found at the following website ... Click: PATIENT

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[]] European Headquarters: Genzyme Biosurgery; Gooimeer 10; 1411 DD NAARDEN; THE NETHERLANDS; Phone: +31-35-694-3214

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[]] Genzyme Biosurgery Worldwide Locations:

Australia ... Austria ... Brazil ... Canada ... France ... Germany ... Greece and Cyprus ... Israel ... Italy ... Japan ... Spain ... Sweden ... Switzerland ... United Kingdom

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