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From: karen (
Mon Feb 5 08:41:07 2001


I am from Ohio as well. Please e-mail me.


At Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Tami Dana wrote: > >I was wondering if there are any people from Ohio who would want to have >a support group here? To look for surgeons that will help with ARD and >just to talk to eachother when the need arises (which for me is often). >If anyone is interested, please email me. >Also wanna say that I LOVE this website and it has helped me SO much in >realizing that I am not alone with all the problems I have and all the >pain I suffer. I have to say that after reading MANY of your messages >about not getting help with your pain from your doctors, I feel quite >lucky, I have a doctor that I have been with for almost 10 years and he >truly cares about me and he believes me when I tell him that I am in >agonizing pain, he does his best to medicate me and make me as >comfortable as possible. Like I said, I feel VERY lucky and blessed >that I have a physician who cares and believes his patients. I feel so >bad for those of you that suffer and cannot get the medication that you >need =( >I wish that those doctors could feel the intense pain that we feel just >from simply having a bowel movement, or trying to sleep all through the >night without waking up in horrible pain, and doing the "normal" things >in life. >Even with the pain medications I recieve, I still do not sleep all >night, I wake up every couple of hours in severe pain, I have to get up, >I cry, take more pain medication, and I do ALOT of praying... I think >my worst times are when I am up in the middle of the night, because I am >alone (I dont want to wake anyone up), isn't it an awful feeling to be >alone when the pain is SO bad? For me, it is... >I have met quite a few people here on this website, and I consider you >all my friends, so remember...if you need anything, or just need to >talk, I am here. =) >((Hugs)) to you all, Be blessed. >With love & understanding, >Tami Dana

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