Let's lift Mary Pomroy up in Prayers

From: Pam Markford (PjtweetyRn@aol.com)
Mon Feb 5 05:03:48 2001

Dear IAS Family, I opened my emails this am and I had received a letter that stated Mary had not only gotten to Germany safely but was in the wonderful loving hands of our Elke and Hemi! They met her at the airport in Dusseldorf! What a thoughtful and comfort it was for Mary to have "Friendly familiar smiling faces to greet me." Mary will be having her surgery tomorrow with Dr. Korell. So, please pray for her speedy recovery and ask that Dr. Korell with the guidance of our Healing Lord may render Mary adhesion pain free very soon. One last personal note Mary wanted to wish "Kim" Happy Birthday" and to her little neighbor next door! She signed the letter "Love Mary, Nana, Mom." Mary, know that we are all lifting you up in healing prayers! So now you know why it feels like you are walking on air because all the prayers are lifting your weight off your shoulders! God Bless you and I will touch the water for you sometime today. You enjoy the company of Elke & Hemi and let them know that we all offer them a big hug for their Hospitality!!!!!

In Loving Friendship,
     Pam Markford

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