Re: Let's lift Mary Pomroy up in Prayers

From: Janet Karam (
Mon Feb 5 11:23:24 2001

Dear Mary,

Good to hear that you are in such caring hands in Germany. I hope and pray that this surgery is a great success, and that you will be blessed with a life free from pain and the suffering of adhesions forever more



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From: "Pam Markford" <> To: "Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS" <> Sent: Monday, February 05, 2001 4:03 AM Subject: Let's lift Mary Pomroy up in Prayers

> Dear IAS Family,
> I opened my emails this am and I had received a letter that stated Mary
> had not only gotten to Germany safely but was in the wonderful loving
> hands of our Elke and Hemi! They met her at the airport in Dusseldorf!
> What a thoughtful and comfort it was for Mary to have "Friendly familiar
> smiling faces to greet me." Mary will be having her surgery tomorrow
> with Dr. Korell. So, please pray for her speedy recovery and ask that
> Dr. Korell with the guidance of our Healing Lord may render Mary
> adhesion pain free very soon. One last personal note Mary wanted to
> wish "Kim" Happy Birthday" and to her little neighbor next door! She
> signed the letter "Love Mary, Nana, Mom."
> Mary, know that we are all lifting you up in healing prayers! So now you
> know why it feels like you are walking on air because all the prayers
> are lifting your weight off your shoulders! God Bless you and I will
> touch the water for you sometime today. You enjoy the company of Elke &
> Hemi and let them know that we all offer them a big hug for their
> Hospitality!!!!!
> --
> In Loving Friendship,
> Pam Markford

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