Re: Karen Carter-Re: I Am Nervous !

From: Belinda (
Sun Feb 4 00:50:59 2001

Hi Karen, Well the way I found this new GYN doctor that I am going to on the 27th is I posted a note here asking for doctors in the Salem/Portland, Oregon area. I will see if it really worked or not after my appointment, at least I got that far though. You have been looking for GYN doctors right? The general surgeons usually won't even think about it. Take care and talk to you soon. Belinda

At Thu, 1 Feb 2001, wrote: >
>I was thinking I should look in the phone book and go down the list for
>another surgeon, instead of paying so much money out of pocket for the
>doctor's in PA, but I am convinced they know what they are doing there and I
>would only be asking for more trouble by going to a doctor here that doesn't
>really specialize in adhesions. It's just amazing that they will only operate
>if you are really really sick or need a PART removed ! For something that
>DOES cause us so much pain, why can't they just figure it out to take care of
>us. What's the difference between getting us out of pain and off pain meds,
>than someone in pain because their appendix needs to be removed or a gall
>bladder doesn't work right anymore! ? IT's because they don't want to take
>this time consuming surgery and help us, maybe they would understand better
>how to prevent adhesions from occurring or at least find a way to slow down
>the process even further.
>Sorry here I am blabbing up a's those meds talking again. Thank
>god I am coherent enough to type correctly. Usually when I take my medicine
>you can tell by my typing, lol !! It gets slurred just like my speech.
>I forget already, did you say you are having surgery soon, or are in the
>process of looking for a new surgeon? Did you ever go to PA to have surgery?
>Where do you live?
>I live in Virginia, 25 miles south of Washington D. C., I have been married
>to Dale for 20 yrs, and we have 3 sons, Mark 18, Matt 14, and Michael 13. I
>don't work, but I go to college full - time, although I am on hiatus right
>now. I have only finished 3 courses, but it went great.....I miss it right
>now actually.
>Write more when you can, hope you are well. I have good and bad days,
>probably like most of us!
>Love & Hugs,
>Karen Carter

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