Hey Robyne ;-)

From: niko (nicko69@dingoblue.net.au)
Sun Feb 4 01:07:54 2001

Hi Robyne,

I was sad to hear that you have to wait till your doctor gets back, I thought there must be a reason why I haven't heard much from you ;-)) I'm glad your meds are helping though, if I can do anything please let me know ;-) I would be happy to meet up with you even if you can't get to the hospital. We are staying in Brisbane with my partner's uncle for a few days after, so we are happy to meet up with you after that, if all else fails.

Then we are off to catch up with a really good friend of mine for some laughs. I am thankful to the board for enabling me to meet people with my problems.

Hear from you soon !!! Lots Of Love Trace xo

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