Re: oxycodone vs. duragesic patch

From: Janet (
Sun Feb 4 00:50:20 2001

Hi Chrissie,

It took intervention phone calls from Dr. Redan and Bev to get my doc to prescribe anything stronger than percocet(one daily!)

Even still, he is only willing to prescribe 3 patches, or 20 oxycontin tablets at a time...this is a little tough when you have to rely on someone else to drive to the doc's office every few days for the refill and then going to the pharmacy to have it filled...still, it's better than have a doc that's not willing to prescribe these at all.

I'm glad you have Helen C. on your side, it sounds like you will finally get your meds soon then? I'm sorry that you are suffering so(I had a particularily depressing few days this week as well). I noticed you were missing in action for a few days...glad to see you're back =)

Love and big hugs,


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