Duragesic Patch

From: Linda Ehler (mindful@olypen.com)
Fri Feb 2 19:00:10 2001

Hi...As far as the patch it is all that HAS worked for me. It actually REDUCED my constipation from when I was using other narcotics for pain such as Methedone, Diladud etc. Still constipated but not as terrribly. I am using the patch for the abd. and severe gastroparesis pain under my left rib. Without it I would be doubled over. I am awaiting emotional readiness to go to U of WA and have surgery etc. for this awful gastroparesis and adhesions. Later...I just can't deal with it now. So.......I guess I love the patch. First started out with the 25mg, then the 50mg and now the 75 seem to be working just fine. Only problem I had was keeping them on longer than 1 day. (you are supposed to wear them for 72 hrs.) Anyway..I wrote to the company (name and phone on package of patches) told them patches keep coming off. They sent me a big box FREE of plastic covers to put over the patch. Works super....shower, sweating etc... Good luck... Linda

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