Re: medical it worth fighting for?

From: Janet Karam (
Fri Feb 2 19:41:48 2001

Dear Kate,

Thank you for your response. I had a very bad pain day yesterday and had to take leave of my job. I felt all out of sorts when I posted my message yesterday...quite emotional and desperate. my employer is a friend, and worried that I am only 32...concerned for my financial security and future. I was afraid after my conversation with her, however, feel quite differently today and not so desperate(it is nice to have some relief from pain due to my patch today).

I do however want to explain better. During my colonoscopy the 4cm polyp I referred to(located in my transverse colon) was biopsied , another was removed from my cecum(also benign) during this procedure.

I think it is quite radical that the surgeon made a 9 inch vertical incision to remove a 4cm polyp, not to mention the excessive removal of 18 inches of otherwise healthy colon!

If I would have known then what I know now about adhesions...I would have said no way!

I had 1 colonoscopy a few months after my surgery, and another year later, thankfully no new polyps, the doc recommends one every 3 years now.

I am glad to have this place to vent, and for everyone's support and experience...I would be lost still without all of you, you are such wonderful friends to have!



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