laproscopy needle would not go in. Adhesions

From: joanne (
Fri Feb 2 16:49:32 2001

In 1997 I had surgery to remove my gallbladder. I a larger than 3cm white stone was removed. At the same time I had a fibroid and endo removed and my tubes tied.

Coming out of the anesthetic I had the worst neck, chest upper back pain, along with alot of vomiting. They finally gave me a tranquilizer which relaxed the muscles.

I also ended up with an infection in the belly button incision.

After the surgery I did still ended having my period 2 times a month. They decided to do another laproscopy. I came out of the surgery again the same way only worse. Neck shoulder upper back pain vomiting sweating. I was then informed that they could not get the needle in and I was sent home.

>From then on I have had no periods and a big belly. I am very thin
otherwise. I am only 40 yrs. old. I have hundreds of hot flushes a day , chills and diarrea. I am weak. I am exhausted

I have had about 6 of those same chest back attacks since. The next 2 were brought on from taking a tylenol 3 I think. I have to take a tranqulizer to stop it. This is the only time I take any pill.

After the last attack I went to the doc the next day and he did liver function tests. I was told I had hepatitis because my liver function tests were out of wack. I asked if I was tested for hepatitis and was told I showed every symptom. I asked to be re tested with a hep. test. It came back negative. I was also told my liver tests were much better. The doc did not seem concerned. He said it could be a blocked bile duct a times but the tests were invasive and expensive.

I am so frustrated. If anybody has any ideas please let me know. I really feel one of those attacks will kill me.

Thank-you for starting this forum and all the posts. I don't feel so alone


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