Please Pray

From: jenny low (
Thu Feb 1 22:36:20 2001

Hello everyone,

I really need you to pray for me and my family. We have 2 Pomeranians, Abby and Samson. Abby had two puppies Dec 27. Actually she went into labor and never would deliver. We took her to the vet and they gave her 2 shots of oxytocin, like pitocin but a natural of it. She started delivering the first puppy and it was breach. The doc pulled the puppy out. The second was actually delivered the next day by c-section and was already dead. Today, our 5 week old puppy was crying alot. He has not started running around the house like most puppies his age do. I had wondered if something was wrong. Then when I was emailing you earlier today, Brittany brought the puppy to me and asked me what was on his face. It looked like he had maybe gotten into something and it made him sick. He has been crying alot lately too. But when anyone would pick him up, he would stop crying. Tonight he was crying alot. When I would rub him or move him around he would stop. I finally noticed he had poop on his bottom and went to wash it off. There was some really hard poop sticking out of his behind. I pulled it out. I figured he had really been constipated and his tummy was hurting. I had been holding him all night because I knew he wasn't feeling well. He kept snuggling up under my arm. Then he was laying on his back moving his little paws like he was paddling a bike. At about 10:00 I looked at him and couldn't see him breathing. I asked Ted if he was breathing. He wasn't. He died in my arms. Now thinking about it, I believe he had a complete bowel obstruction. That is probably what he threw up. I feel horrible. I feel like I should of known what that was since I hear about them all over this message board. It's just I have never had a complete bowel obstruction. I started bawling and then had to go tell my kids that our baby had died. We have been crying for the last 1 1/2 hours. Please pray for us. It just makes me sick. We were planning on keeping him since we paid the vet the price of a new puppy just to get him here. I was extremely attached because he was my little baby. The kids were too. I called my mom and dad and they both were crying when I told them. This is why I hate having pets. When they die it's like a family member dying. ANd it hurts worse because he was just a little baby. And I know he suffered because I know what killed him. I know God will help us get through this too. It just is really painful. And with the week I have had.....

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