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From: Teresa Waldrop (
Fri Feb 2 07:26:26 2001

Dear Jenny, I worked as a vet. assistant before having to quit a couple of weeks ago because of the pain I'm in. I also have a dog so I understand your pain. I don't think your puppies death was your fault at all. Even if you had taken him to the vet they wouldn't have been able to detect an obstruction without x-rays. And even then, there probably was nothing that they could have done. So there is no way that you should have known. I know it sounds terrible for me to say this, but things like this just happen sometimes. I am glad that he got to spend his last days at home with the ones he loved instead of at a veterinarians office having painful tests done. I am so sorry for your loss. Please realize that this was not your fault. And I wouldn't say that to you if it wasn't true.:{ Teresa

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> Hello everyone,
> I really need you to pray for me and my family. We have 2 Pomeranians,
Abby > and Samson. Abby had two puppies Dec 27. Actually she went into labor and
> never would deliver. We took her to the vet and they gave her 2 shots of
> oxytocin, like pitocin but a natural of it. She started delivering the
first > puppy and it was breach. The doc pulled the puppy out. The second was
> actually delivered the next day by c-section and was already dead. Today,
> our 5 week old puppy was crying alot. He has not started running around
the > house like most puppies his age do. I had wondered if something was wrong.
> Then when I was emailing you earlier today, Brittany brought the puppy to
me > and asked me what was on his face. It looked like he had maybe gotten into
> something and it made him sick. He has been crying alot lately too. But
when > anyone would pick him up, he would stop crying. Tonight he was crying
alot. > When I would rub him or move him around he would stop. I finally noticed
he > had poop on his bottom and went to wash it off. There was some really hard
> poop sticking out of his behind. I pulled it out. I figured he had really
> been constipated and his tummy was hurting. I had been holding him all
night > because I knew he wasn't feeling well. He kept snuggling up under my arm.
> Then he was laying on his back moving his little paws like he was paddling
a > bike. At about 10:00 I looked at him and couldn't see him breathing. I
asked > Ted if he was breathing. He wasn't. He died in my arms. Now thinking about
> it, I believe he had a complete bowel obstruction. That is probably what
he > threw up. I feel horrible. I feel like I should of known what that was
since > I hear about them all over this message board. It's just I have never had
a > complete bowel obstruction. I started bawling and then had to go tell my
> kids that our baby had died. We have been crying for the last 1 1/2 hours.
> Please pray for us. It just makes me sick. We were planning on keeping him
> since we paid the vet the price of a new puppy just to get him here. I was
> extremely attached because he was my little baby. The kids were too. I
> called my mom and dad and they both were crying when I told them. This is
> why I hate having pets. When they die it's like a family member dying. ANd
> it hurts worse because he was just a little baby. And I know he suffered
> because I know what killed him. I know God will help us get through this
> too. It just is really painful. And with the week I have had.....

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