Oh, Jenny...

From: Janet Karam (jkaram4@home.com)
Fri Feb 2 00:42:01 2001

It's midnight...couldn't sleep, so I came out and read your message to the board. I am so sorry about your puppy... I would do anything to erase the miles between me and you with your family so I could hug you all...I understand how sad you all are.

Sweetie, please don't beat yourself up...if the puppy had a choice of where to die, don't you think he was in his favorite place? I know your grief, please don't torture yourself with guilt on top of everything else. it's not your fault puppy died, okay?

Tell you what, I still talk to my dog Misty all of the time and she's been dead for years...her spirit is forever in my heart, I loved her so.

Of course you are in my prayers, you and your family.

Love and hugs,


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