Re: I Am Nervous !

From: toni welsh (
Thu Feb 1 07:05:04 2001

At Wed, 31 Jan 2001, wrote: >
>Sorry I don't know your name to address you personally, but you are in my
>thoughts and prayers. Best of luck to the doctor. Not to discourage you but I
>had my GYN and a surgeon admit I had adhesions and they won't touch me unless
>I have a full obstruction, and then they would only do a laparotomy. So in
>that way I am thankful and blessed. I don't want any big open surgery.
>Best Wishes,
>Karen Carter
>Karen Carter

That is sort of what I have been told too. Although my gyn found a surgeon who said he would operate, laparotomy, too and he also said that the pain and adhesions would only get worse over the years. I think he told the gyn thatbecause they get denser, and it then makesthe pain worse when the dense adhesions pull on the bowel. The gyn said yesterday the bowels my sister has left, were stuck down to the pelvix floor like mine are, so I hope she does not end up in pain after recovering this surgery. You want to be pain free after going though all that.

Love to all, Toni

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