Re: sister's surgery today

From: toni welsh (
Thu Feb 1 07:18:23 2001

At Wed, 31 Jan 2001, Teresa Waldrop wrote: >
>I hope that everything goes great with your sister. I read your messeage and
>have prayed for her to have a succesful surgery and speedy recovery. Your
>sister has been through much and deserves priceless days. I pray this
>surgery will allow her to have tons of them. - Teresa

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>> Hello,
>> There does not seem to be anyone here today, right now, but I am asking
>> for prayers for my sister. her surgery is at 10 o'clock to day, and
>> there is alot of work going to be done today. They are doing a complete
>> hysterectomy, and a bowel resection, and liver biopsy, she has been on
>> dilantin for many years. She has crohns disease, like my son, but she
>> already has a permanent colostomy. She will be fine I know but there is
>> always a worry.
>> I hope the rst of you are doing okay, the weird thing about my sister is
>> there is adhesions, but she never complained about the pain I have had,
>> and she has had a number of surgeries over the past 25 years, she is 36
>> now!
>> I will let you all know how she is tomorrow, she told me they are
>> thinking it will take the gyn and general surgeon about 6 hours, I hope
>> it wil not be that long.
>> Love to all,
>> Toni

Thank you so much for your post, she HAS been through ALOT! My dad looked at me yesterday, and he said he was tired of seeing his girls get cut on! He just loves us, and I am 46, he still worries alot!

Love and hugs to you, toni

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