Re: sister's surgery today

From: toni welsh (
Thu Feb 1 06:55:38 2001

At Wed, 31 Jan 2001, wrote: >
>My positive thoughts and prayers are heading your way.


Before I tell you the good news, we got some bad news, and I cried most of the night, but when the gyn came out her surgery was only 90 minutes, she had said the 6 hour thing to worry me more, she does that, but I love her dearly, but the dr told us that her bowels were in good shape, as far as the crohn being under comtrol, but that everything was stuck together, as we knew that after all her surgeries. But he said the general surgeon said that as far as the liver, they did a biopsy due to the fact she has atken so much meds all her life, he said there is definitelt something going on in her liver, it was enlarged, and some thing about the way it had been down where it should not be, and it was not from adhesions. He said the general surgeon suspects sirosis (sp)I of the liver, and I cried right there, I know she hsa never drank alcohol, and he said that the crohns can cause that. She has NEVER drank, and neither have I and I looked at my father, and he was crying, and he said to me I knew she was not going to live long. I tried to tell him lets not jump to conclusions, they only suspect, The results will be back in 7 to 10 days. Keep her in your prayers, and me too, because if they tell us this, I will not be able to handle it! I am scared for her, I had a panic attack the minute my feet hit the floor this morning! I have to go, I love you all.


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