Re: Never Give UP!!!!

From: alanbaleyko (
Thu May 25 16:10:35 2000

Hi Brenda! I'm so happy for you! What technique did the dr use? How long has it been since you had surgery? What city is the University of So California near? Thanks in advance for answering the questions. Jessica

Brenda wrote:

> Hello fellow adhesion suffers. I am to with all of you, spending the
> last five years of my life in horrible pain, living on narcotics and
> feeling like life was the worst. I live in WV and was so ready to give
> up but my last trip to the hospital with the NG tube and all the
> vomiting made me MAD!
> I got on the internet and searched and read about any and every doctor.
> And guess what? I found the greatest!!! I did have to travel to LA. He
> was a USC but luckly for me I had a sister living near bye. I went, he
> operated!!! Not only did I have many adhesions I had three herenas
> (which I never really knew, I had a mass on my bladder etc. etc.... Its
> been seven weeks and a very rough road because of an ifection in the
> wound but I am a new women. I am on NO PAIN MEDS. and there is no more
> PAIN!!! He said I was a mess, my intestines were all bunched up (no
> wonder I never went)
> His name is Namir Katkhouda, M.D. Professor of Surgery
> Keck Scool of Medicine, University of Southern California and he is the
> best. I kdo know that the adhesions may come back, but I have suffered
> greatly for so long and you all need to know there is hope. NEVER GIVE
> UP!!!! Good luck to all....

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