Never Give UP!!!!

From: Brenda (
Wed May 24 16:05:52 2000

Hello fellow adhesion suffers. I am to with all of you, spending the last five years of my life in horrible pain, living on narcotics and feeling like life was the worst. I live in WV and was so ready to give up but my last trip to the hospital with the NG tube and all the vomiting made me MAD! I got on the internet and searched and read about any and every doctor. And guess what? I found the greatest!!! I did have to travel to LA. He was a USC but luckly for me I had a sister living near bye. I went, he operated!!! Not only did I have many adhesions I had three herenas (which I never really knew, I had a mass on my bladder etc. etc.... Its been seven weeks and a very rough road because of an ifection in the wound but I am a new women. I am on NO PAIN MEDS. and there is no more PAIN!!! He said I was a mess, my intestines were all bunched up (no wonder I never went) His name is Namir Katkhouda, M.D. Professor of Surgery Keck Scool of Medicine, University of Southern California and he is the best. I kdo know that the adhesions may come back, but I have suffered greatly for so long and you all need to know there is hope. NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Good luck to all....

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