Intestines DO have nerves?...or...Intestines DO NOT have nerves?

From: Helen Dynda (
Tue May 23 10:41:55 2000

Please read my message / question (below) which I have inserted within Chris's message!!

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At Tue, 23 May 2000, chris smith wrote:

Chris Smith: I am doing okay. I had almost 100% pain relief from nortriptyline (pamelor, similar drug as elavil) I had to cut down from 30mg to 20mg daily because of cardiac side effects. I recently when off the drug as an experiment and the pain is back, so its back on it again soon I guess. I don't really like it, which is why I'm trying to hold off. They think I have some kind of neuropathy, possibly viral, similar to what some people get after shingles. In my research I have found that you can get things like this even in the nerves of your intestines.

~~~~~~~ Helen D: It is my understanding that " our intestines DO NOT have nerves." When a person has adhesions - which involve the intestines - it is what the intestines are attached to that causes pain...NOT the intestines themselves!

Please, can someone with a strong medical background respond to this?


Chris: My reaction to the nortriptyline does make this a possiblity, as no other medication has worked as well. I don't know if it will ever go away, doesn't look like it, as its been 3 years in a few weeks. I agree, the fight doesn't seem like it will ever end, but who knows, strange things do happen. I guess nothing has changed with you, no surgery, etc?

CHris S.

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