Re: My adhesiolysis experience.........based on Bev's message.......

From: Sue Ann Murray (
Tue May 23 10:43:57 2000

> >laparotomy or laparoscopically, and simply slice them apart...but they
> >also feel that it should be or is usually done in relationship to a
> >cooperative surgery such as a hysterectomy, appendectomy or some other
> >type of surgical procedure...

I had surgery done strictly for adhesiolysis and had no problems with the insurance.

> >sufferers, there has always been another reason or procedure done when
> >they had an adhesiolysis...know why? Because the surgeon gets more money
> >by performing another procedure with the adhesiolysis!! When they do a "
> >diagnostic " procedure

Actually, in a recent sinus surgery I had, the surgery got less reimbursement because the insurance said that the other procedures he performed (there were a couple) were secondary to the main procedure so yes, he got more but not as much as if he would have done two separate surgeries. (or something like that if I understand the insurance claim right).

Sue Ann

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