Re: Update:Waiting for a diagnosis

From: chris smith (
Tue May 23 07:18:57 2000

At Mon, 22 May 2000, Helen Dynda wrote: >
>Bev and I have posted a messages which will help you understand why your
>surgeon will not offer to do a laparoscopy to look around. The way
>doctors are reimbursed by Managed Care, by Medicare, and other insurance
>companies is the contributing factor!!
>At Mon, 22 May 2000, Vivien siviter wrote:
>Thought I would update you on my latest hospital visit. I have had
>another suggestion from the surgeon. A nerve had been sewn into my
>hysterecty scar!!!!!! (It was over 4 months after the operation that I
>started getting the problems). That's another new one on me. The
>consultant will not now discuss the possibility of adhesions although my
>GP and Occupational Health doctor thought that adhesions was the prime
>candidate. The consultant will not do a laparoscopy to have a look and
>he wants me to go to a pain consultant for freezing of the nerve and
>there is a 4 1/2 month waiting list.
>I have asked to see him again as there are more questions that I want to
>ask and he hasn't convinced me that this is the total answer I see him
>again on the 2nd June (just another few weeks). At this speed I will
>have lost my job before they finally decide what is wrong. I have lost
>any faith I had in the NHS and am sick to death of them messing me
>about. I am seriously considering a formal complaint now.
>Thanks to those of you who responded to my message
>Viv Siviter

Hi Helen:

I believe Viv must live somewhere in Great Britain, as I think "NHS" is National Health Service, therefore medicare, managed care, insurance companies, etc. would not apply to her. Same frustrations though I guess.

Chris S. >

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