Re: Laprascopy complications question

From: Susan (
Tue May 23 05:31:09 2000

At Mon, 22 May 2000, JIM wrote: >
>I am scheduled for laproscopic adhesiolysis on June 8. My surgeon told
>me that she will inflate my abdominal cavity with CO2 gas so she will
>have space to work. In speaking with someone who has had the same
>experience I was told that the CO2 was very unpleasant when they came
>out of the surgery.
>Can some of the posters to this message board give me their experiences
>on problems, complications, or negative side effects with laproscopy? I
>will still have the surgery but
>I would like to be prepared for whatever might come. I have had enough
>medical surprises lately.
>Thanks for your help.

I just had the exact procedure done 4/27 along with gallbladder removal.I had it done at 7:00a.m.woke up at 9:20,could have got up and gone home at 11:30 but had to wait until my husband went to lunch and came back to pick me up.I was walking up and down the hall going to the bathroom,didn't have nauseau or pain in the shoulder afterwards.I ate at 11:45.I had 6 incisions.The gas pains are not too bad.My problem is I am still sore on the inside and I don;t know how long it takes to recuperate.My intestine was stuck to abd.wall and I can feel the difference in that area but I am still real bloated and have no idea how long everything inside takes to heal.So maybe someone else can tell us that but the actual procedure was a piece of cake.Good luck and let us hear from you.Susan >
>Jim from Milwaukee

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