Re: Laprascopy complications question

From: toni welsh (
Tue May 23 07:24:11 2000

At Mon, 22 May 2000, JIM wrote: >
>I am scheduled for laproscopic adhesiolysis on June 8. My surgeon told
>me that she will inflate my abdominal cavity with CO2 gas so she will
>have space to work. In speaking with someone who has had the same
>experience I was told that the CO2 was very unpleasant when they came
>out of the surgery.
>Can some of the posters to this message board give me their experiences
>on problems, complications, or negative side effects with laproscopy? I
>will still have the surgery but
>I would like to be prepared for whatever might come. I have had enough
>medical surprises lately.
>Thanks for your help.

>Jim from Milwaukee

The last lap I had was in 98, but the gas pains did bother me, I had to call the dr late that night for something for nausea, I was afraid to fall asleep, in case I got sick, but the next morning I was feeling ALOT better.

I was feeling bad again last night, I have been pushing myself to the max, but it keeps my mind busy. I cannot stay still, I had to force myself to lay down last night. I had been shopping with my husband and I started feeling alot of pain, and when I got home I laid down. My bowels are not moving at all. I thought I was going to get sick when I got off the sofa, and then I got real nervous. I sipped on some coke, and I felt somewhat better

I really have had enough, and am sick and tired of this whole thing, and cannot bring myself to have the surgery. I am scared to death it will make the matters worse as far as the bowels are concerned. I still have been told by the drs here in Cinti, that I have to have the adhesions lysed only if done by laparotomy, none of the drs here will do a lap on me, they all said it is impossible to get in. I am all of a sudden got a fear of not waking up after the surgery, and cannot do this. I see the pain clinic today, and plan on asking them why taking the meds I still have pain. I take Neurotin, oxycontin, and trazadone, and had a reaction to Ultram, so I had to stop it. I am now sick of taking the pills, the narcotics are upsetting my stomach. I wish I knew what to do.

Have any of you beem told that the meds could cause ulcers?

Take care all of you, and hope to hear from soeone. Ready to give it up, I am trying so hard to do what the gyn said after the last surgery. I may have to learn to live with it. He knowes there is still NOTHING out there that will DEFINITELY work, and to go through another laparptomy and not work again. Is too much for me to handle now!

Toni >

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