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Fri May 19 11:38:17 2000

racy, Where is your pain and what kinds of pain meds are you on? I also had pain that far exceeded the pain that adhesions should have caused. Joanne

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> Hi Jaynie,
> My Pain Clinic Dr. told me that my adhesion pain, although real, should
not > have been as severe as I was experiencing. She said that they have found
> that people that experienced either head or spinal injuries, (especially
as > children) that may have been considered minor (like a slight concussion),
> sometimes actually HAD damage done to the pain center or pathways.
> This doesn't show itself until later in life or until another injury or
> surgery occurs. Then, the pain signals go from the site of injury to the
> brain, which does not process them properly. This causes the pain signals
to > go into "emergency/severe" mode. Thereby making it seem like the pain is
> excruciating, but it's not... really.
> (I always thought that when it FELT excruciating it was, but hey, I'm not
a > Dr.)
> Because of this they did neurological testing on me and found numbness and
> weakness on my left side.
> This does nothing to change my severe pain, but it DOES help them to
justify > the heavy doses of narcotics I'm on.
> I figured maybe this might help sombody else.
> Tracy

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