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Fri May 19 12:17:14 2000

I'll do the best I can to answer all these. I went alone to Germany as I have no money after 21/2 years on disability. I went in the winter so thaat I could get the air rate of 500 dollars (from San Diego and back). I do not speak a word of German. This was VERY scary for me. Dr. Korell's secretary booked a very inexpensive room for me at an Ibis hotel. This hotel was connected to the train station. I got German money from the bank of America or you can go to any money changer.before you leave. I made a mistake and did not bring any cash, only travelers checks. When you get out of the airport, there is a bank but there is also a line. The train station is attached to the airport. It is on an honor system. You put in your money and a ticket will come out. I took 2 trains, one to the center of Dusseldorf ( the city that I flew in to) and then another to Duisburg where the hospital is.) But I could have taken just one but it comes less often (on the hour) God sent an angel to be with me at that moment. A scottish girl walked down the stairs to the train station behind me and helped me with my ticket (she bought it for me as I still did not have German money). When I got to Duisburg ( it was noon in Germany) i asked for the Ibis hotel and almost all people speak English. I did some studying before I left and carried a dictionary with me. I was amazed that the hotel was right there. I checked in and was so excited to be back in Europe, that I went shopping right away. The hotel is connected to the downtown shopping street. I had a great time and found a bank to change my money. I checked in with Dr. Korell's secretary, Carmen, who speaks english, at 9:00 am. I carried one suitcase on wheels. It was perfect. The room had a closet with plenty of room. We went to the cashiers office where I paid for 5 days room. (2 thousand dollars). In Germany, they do not kick you out like they do here. I paid Dr. Korell after the surgery. I made a check out to him for too much money and so now I am stil awaiting a refund. But the surgery was only around 1,500. There is a bank about a mile from the hospital that will cash travelers checks. So you could take a taxi there before you check out to pay Dr. Korell. That way, you will not have all that cash with you. The nurses were great! I loved the whole experience. Only a few spoke english well but we laughed so much trying to make conversation. It is very different from an American hospital as it is more like a hotel. You should bring your own towels. The nurses only take blood pressures in the morning. The rest of the time, they don't bug you. I had 2 roomates and we did well with communication. On the 5th day, I toured the city on the bus which picked me up outside the hospital. Remember that I had 2 surgeries and was in a little more pain than you will be. But treat yourself to the 5 days. I brought books on tape so that I could hear my language. You wil not be able to understand the TV. It was great. I felt like a pioneer and hoped that someday, I could help others too. I have always been very brave. You will only need a passport and no visa. I brought my own pain meds and took care of that myself as I was on 100 mgs a day of Methadone and 3,000 mgs of Neurontin to stop the shaking of the trapped nerve. They did give me something to help me sleep the night before. I woke up after surgery right in my own hospital bed. No recovery room. If you bring a companion, they could stay at the Ibis, at about 60 dolars a night. The taxi from the hotel was about 6 dollars or so. I have a dear friend who found Dr. Korell for me and lives in Munich. I took the train to Munich for another 5 days and flew hme from there. I hope all this helps you. I loved my experience in Duisberg. And I love the way I feel now. No more adhesions! I hope this helped you. Joanne

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> Joanne, Would you please give me a total breakdown of the costs invloved
> here. I have already communicated with Dr. Korell as of today. I had a few
> more questions for him and I am sure he will get back to me timely on
those > as well.
> What I need from you is this:
> Do you speak German?
> How did you communicate with the hospital staff, did they speak English
and > German? Was a translator present at all times with you?
> The cost of the flight to and from Germany.
> How did you get from the airport to wherevere you stayed..and where was
> that, as well as the cost?
> How and what arrangements did you make prior to going over to Germany:
> Hotels, airlines, transportation, translators? And all costs involvements
> with these, please.
> Did you need a visa? If so, what did you get it under, Medical? and for
how > long?
> Did a companion go with you? If so, where didn they stay and for how much
in > American currency. Did you have to get your money exchanged for the DM?
> You stated you were in patient, ( at least you seemed to indicate that as
> you mentioned a room rate for the hospital )
> Where did your companion eat, much was that all total?
> That is what I need at this time. If I have any more questions, I'll get
> back to you.
> Please place your answers on the forum if you would.
> In friendship
> Bev Doucette

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> Subject: Re: Karla N's questions about Joanne B's surgery in Germany...
> > I really can't answer most of those questions. I have reread my
surgical > > report which was much lengthier in German. Dr. Korell uses "sharp
> > disection" to remove the adhesions to prevent regrowth. He writes that
he > > used "extensive irrigation" before instlling the Intergel. It looks as
> > though the total price for his surgery was 2,175 DM which is half that
> > amount in our dollars. That includes all tests, exams, photos etc.
> Again,
> > the room was 350 dollars a day. I have a comlete breakdown of costs. I
> > wish I could help more but as I said before, feel free to e-mail him.
> > Joanne

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> > Subject: Karla N's questions about Joanne B's surgery in Germany...
> >
> > > Joanne, You were unable to find Karla's questions about your surgery
in > > > Germany, because Karla was using Beverly's ( )computer.
> > >
> > > Karla, I hope you don't mind that rearranged and numbered the
questions, > > > which you had about Joanne's surgery in Germany.
> > >
> > > Karla's letter was addressed to:
> > >
> > > Toni
> > >
> > > Did you happen to read the message yesterday from Joanne? She flew to
> > > Germany where they used the Intergel...for much cheaper than it would
be > > > here. She feels that she has been cured of her adhesions and I think
> > > that if that is true...we have much to hope for. However, I do not
> > > think that Intergel will be approved here in the states. One of the
> > > reasons it was denied for use was the increased likelihood of
infection > > > following the placement of the intergel. I personally feel that ten
> > > weeks post op is way
> > > too soon to say we are cured of adhesions...I am sure Joanne is
feeling > > > like a new woman, but I wouldn't throw caution to the wind in saying
> > > that I was cured if it were me. We all know how pain from adhesions
can > > > show up...just when we least expect it. It can take up to a couple of
> > > years for the pain to show up. Another patient had the same procedure
> > > done over in Germany and is now worse off. I don't know whether one
> > > should take the chance or is up to the individual.
> > >
> > > 1.) I know that I would like to know just what procedure this doctor
> > > used?
> > >
> > > 2.) Did he use clot evacuation?
> > >
> > > 3.) Did he leave any Ringers solution in at the end of the procedure?
> > >
> > > 4.) What was this doctor's theory on adhesions?
> > >
> > > 5.) What does he feel causes adhesions to form?
> > >
> > > These are all answers that I need to have before I can consider taking
> > > this step. I would love to get back to Germany...I lived there for a
> > > couple of years and what better of an opportunity.
> > >
> > > Karla
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