Fri May 19 11:07:31 2000

Hi Jaynie,

My Pain Clinic Dr. told me that my adhesion pain, although real, should not have been as severe as I was experiencing. She said that they have found that people that experienced either head or spinal injuries, (especially as children) that may have been considered minor (like a slight concussion), sometimes actually HAD damage done to the pain center or pathways. This doesn't show itself until later in life or until another injury or surgery occurs. Then, the pain signals go from the site of injury to the brain, which does not process them properly. This causes the pain signals to go into "emergency/severe" mode. Thereby making it seem like the pain is excruciating, but it's not... really. (I always thought that when it FELT excruciating it was, but hey, I'm not a Dr.) Because of this they did neurological testing on me and found numbness and weakness on my left side. This does nothing to change my severe pain, but it DOES help them to justify the heavy doses of narcotics I'm on. I figured maybe this might help sombody else. Tracy

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