Re: Karla N's questions about Joanne B's surgery in Germany...

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Wed May 17 20:18:42 2000

Joanne, Would you please give me a total breakdown of the costs invloved here. I have already communicated with Dr. Korell as of today. I had a few more questions for him and I am sure he will get back to me timely on those as well.

What I need from you is this: Do you speak German? How did you communicate with the hospital staff, did they speak English and German? Was a translator present at all times with you? The cost of the flight to and from Germany. How did you get from the airport to wherevere you stayed..and where was that, as well as the cost? How and what arrangements did you make prior to going over to Germany: Hotels, airlines, transportation, translators? And all costs involvements with these, please. Did you need a visa? If so, what did you get it under, Medical? and for how long? Did a companion go with you? If so, where didn they stay and for how much in American currency. Did you have to get your money exchanged for the DM? You stated you were in patient, ( at least you seemed to indicate that as you mentioned a room rate for the hospital ) Where did your companion eat, much was that all total?

That is what I need at this time. If I have any more questions, I'll get back to you. Please place your answers on the forum if you would.

In friendship Bev Doucette

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> I really can't answer most of those questions. I have reread my surgical
> report which was much lengthier in German. Dr. Korell uses "sharp
> disection" to remove the adhesions to prevent regrowth. He writes that he
> used "extensive irrigation" before instlling the Intergel. It looks as
> though the total price for his surgery was 2,175 DM which is half that
> amount in our dollars. That includes all tests, exams, photos etc.
Again, > the room was 350 dollars a day. I have a comlete breakdown of costs. I
> wish I could help more but as I said before, feel free to e-mail him.
> Joanne

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> Subject: Karla N's questions about Joanne B's surgery in Germany...
> > Joanne, You were unable to find Karla's questions about your surgery in
> > Germany, because Karla was using Beverly's ( )computer.
> >
> > Karla, I hope you don't mind that rearranged and numbered the questions,
> > which you had about Joanne's surgery in Germany.
> >
> > Karla's letter was addressed to:
> >
> > Toni
> >
> > Did you happen to read the message yesterday from Joanne? She flew to
> > Germany where they used the Intergel...for much cheaper than it would be
> > here. She feels that she has been cured of her adhesions and I think
> > that if that is true...we have much to hope for. However, I do not
> > think that Intergel will be approved here in the states. One of the
> > reasons it was denied for use was the increased likelihood of infection
> > following the placement of the intergel. I personally feel that ten
> > weeks post op is way
> > too soon to say we are cured of adhesions...I am sure Joanne is feeling
> > like a new woman, but I wouldn't throw caution to the wind in saying
> > that I was cured if it were me. We all know how pain from adhesions can
> > show up...just when we least expect it. It can take up to a couple of
> > years for the pain to show up. Another patient had the same procedure
> > done over in Germany and is now worse off. I don't know whether one
> > should take the chance or is up to the individual.
> >
> > 1.) I know that I would like to know just what procedure this doctor
> > used?
> >
> > 2.) Did he use clot evacuation?
> >
> > 3.) Did he leave any Ringers solution in at the end of the procedure?
> >
> > 4.) What was this doctor's theory on adhesions?
> >
> > 5.) What does he feel causes adhesions to form?
> >
> > These are all answers that I need to have before I can consider taking
> > this step. I would love to get back to Germany...I lived there for a
> > couple of years and what better of an opportunity.
> >
> > Karla
> >

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