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From: chris smith (
Wed May 17 20:41:09 2000

I just checked back because I like to read how everyone is doing, always looking for good news etc. I was surprised to read this post regarding a post I made last August. I'm sorry, I don't know what to do about sacroilitis, other than nonsteroidal antiinflammatories. It has turned out that I probably do NOT have this, so I had laugh at myself like I had it all figured out back in August. A rheumatology consult came up with nothing, which is good I guess. The latest theory is that I could have a viral neuropathy, much like what people get after shingles. I've been taking nortryptilene (pamelor) for about 2 months and am more or less pain free. I have cut back to 10mg daily and still doing well, there's no figuring it out. I hope this is permanent, but who knows. Best wishes to everyone on the forum

CHris Smith

At Tue, 16 May 2000, pete wrote: > >At Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >> >>Hi Ginny: >>The sacroiliac joint is the joint between the sacrum and the back hip >>bone. It is a slightly slanted linear joint, one on each side (right >>and left)You know those dimples that people have on their backs below >>their waist-those are where the sacroiliac joints are located. The >>physical therapist told me that step aerobics is one way to get an SI >>problem if you don't have one already and it would certainly aggravate >>one if you did. >> >>Chris S. >> >>At Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Ginny King wrote: >>> >>>Hey Chris, >>> >>>Dumb question but where is the right sacroilitus? Any connection to the >>>sacrum? (As I have posted I have arthritis that has fused the lowest >>>lumbar to the sacrum)which they say Crohn's can cause. Glad to see you >>>back!! Ginny >>> >>>At Thu, 19 Aug 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote: >>>> >>>>At Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Ginny King wrote: >>>>> >>>>>Hey Chris, >>>>> >>>>>I haven't seen you post lately and I wanted to make sure you were OK. >>>>>Let me know cause I miss hearing from you. Ginny >>>> >>>>Hi Ginny: >>>>I had stayed away from the forum because I felt that no one really >>>>wanted to hear that something else besides gyn problems/adhesions could >>>>be causing their pelvic pain. It was extremely frustrating to me to >>>>post (which I spent a long time doing-reading others posts/commenting >>>>etc) and then only getting silence (for the most part) in return. I >>>>really thought (and still do) that others should think of other >>>>possibilities. I had (and could still have) terrible adhesions but it >>>>appears that they had nothing (or very little) to do with my pain >>>>problem. Believe me, staying away from the forum was extremely hard to >>>>do which made me realize that it had become an important part of my >>>>life. But I forced myself to. Then today I wanted to find Toni's >>>>address so I checked in with the forum, read some posts, saw this post, >>>>and here I am. >>>>Well, the verdict seems to be in. I have arthritis of the spine and >>>>right sacroilitis, cause unknown. The hypertrophied facet joints on the >>>>MRI indicate the arthritis, the location of the pain the saccroilitis. >>>>The doctor at the pain clinic said that sacroilitis is a very common >>>>source of pelvic pain, which is what the colo-rectal guy had told me. >>>>Why I got this, and so suddenly, 2 years ago is unknown. I had been >>>>doing heavy gardening at the time (digging repeatedly with a spade with >>>>my right leg)so perhaps I did something to the SI joint then and never >>>>gave it time to heal. Then when I did the step arobics this Spring I >>>>aggravated it again. The PT therapist said that step aerobics is one >>>>way to give you an SI problem if you don't already have one. (apparently >>>>SI problems are quite common, but its uncommon for them to cause *only* >>>>pelvic pain for so long, so in a way it is good I took the step aerobics >>>>as it seems to have brought the problem to a head) >>>>Why I got relief after each lap for 3-4 months each time is a mystery. >>>>But that's the time an injection into the area often gives relief for, >>>>so there could be some explanation. >>>>Even my pcp is convinced and up until very recently was insisting it was >>>>an adhesion/bowel problem. >>>>I will continue on the celebrex for 6 weeks. It helps but does not >>>>eliminate entirely the pain, but I feel pretty good. Just having an >>>>answer helps tremendously! The pcp said it will take awhile to go away >>>>if it is the SI joint. If in 6 weeks I haven't noticably improved I >>>>will ask about the injections into the SI joint. >>>>Why I have this inflammation is still unknown. As I said before it >>>>could have been caused by the gardening, or I could have a systemic >>>>disease with an unusual presentation. (like crohn's) I do have other >>>>abnormalities like the "chronic immune process" that showed up on my >>>>immunoglobulin titer. (which I've had for at least 25 years) Maybe in >>>>the future I will find out but right now all I can do is manage the >>>>symptoms. >>>>I was glad to read that you are getting along with your pcp better. I'm >>>>still not thrilled with my pcp office, but I'm going to hold off awhile >>>>making any changes. >>>> >>>>Chris S. > >-- >I have been diagnosd with sacroilitus. what is remedy? It only hurts when I DONT run. 4-6 miles daily........ >

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