Re: Re[2]: Laparoscopic Complications

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Fri Apr 28 06:31:44 2000

Vic, I too was very concerned when I saw the amount of water you stated you drank per day without any problem, that is to much and dangerous. Can you validate any refferences stating that a person would benefit from drinking that amount of water ?

Do you suffer from adhesions? What is your past medical history of surgeries if you do not mind sharing, I do believe that most everyone on here has shared a personal surgical history in an effort to educate what types of surgeries cause adhesions, differences of laporotomies verese laporoscopies, and to be able to look at why a person sufferers as they do, when we share a personal experience or history, others might be able to offer support, guidance and at times some very good advice.

Would you share your past surgical history with us, Vic?

In friendship Bev

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From: Igor Gudymenko <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Friday, April 28, 2000 1:20 AM Subject: Re[2]: Laparoscopic Complications

> Hi Vic,
> thanks for your opinion. Although you wrote:
> > Sorry I got lost in so many tangents. I've seen so many people across
> > the country needlessly suffer. I've heard too many good doctors state
> > that patients needlessly suffer.
> I guess you had to speak out and you did it. Every sick man
> has to do it. Externally or internally.. It's well known that
> just our personal experience is always mostly acceptable for us.
> We can read a lot or hear something but unless we personally
> feel the problem or situation we often can't understand or
> believe in it...
> > I'd like to see us all healthy!!
> That's right. I'd like it too.
> > Also huge amounts of water...I drink up to 3 gallons
> > per day easy.
> 3 gallons?? It's more than 10 litres! Oh, it's too much and
> very harmful for the heart and the whole metabolism too. Be
> careful!
> Igor Gudymenko

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