Re[2]: Laparoscopic Complications

From: Igor Gudymenko (
Fri Apr 28 01:19:20 2000

Hi Vic, thanks for your opinion. Although you wrote: > Sorry I got lost in so many tangents. I've seen so many people across
> the country needlessly suffer. I've heard too many good doctors state
> that patients needlessly suffer.

I guess you had to speak out and you did it. Every sick man has to do it. Externally or internally.. It's well known that just our personal experience is always mostly acceptable for us. We can read a lot or hear something but unless we personally feel the problem or situation we often can't understand or believe in it...

> I'd like to see us all healthy!!

That's right. I'd like it too.

> Also huge amounts of water...I drink up to 3 gallons
> per day easy.

3 gallons?? It's more than 10 litres! Oh, it's too much and very harmful for the heart and the whole metabolism too. Be careful!

Igor Gudymenko

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