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From: Karla Nygren (
Wed Apr 19 19:33:14 2000

I just want to mention that yes exercise is critical....particularly sit-ups. I was told over and over that my abdominal wall could be strengthened with situps, however due to other medical issues was unable to do them. From a chronic hernia sufferer you can get hernias from standing up, laughing, sneezing, sweeping, vacuuming, making the bed and scrubbing the floor. I have gotten hernias from each and every one of these methods and probably many more. I can actually feel it when I pop a hernia.

If you absolutely need surgery it is very critical that you get appropriate treatment. When I had my first hernia repair they had to place an entire wall of marlex and gortex because I had 15 hernias. Despite having this prosthetic wall I continued to have hernias. If this is happening to anyone they need to find a surgeon that is willing to be aggressive in your treatment. Please feel free to contact me....I have plenty to share.

Karla N.

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> At Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Igor Gudymenko wrote:
> To be short from various sources I learnt the clue moments of hernia
> treatment were:
> 1. decreasing intra-abdominal pressure
> 2. relaxing abdominal muscles
> 3. 'detoxication' of the abdominal wall
> 4. upstanding and proper exercises for abdominal muscles
> 1. it's caused by gases, constipation, overeating, coughing, prolonged
> sitting and bending, very fast body movements, insufficient or not
> equable liquid consumption, various diseases of abdominal cavity.
> Adhesions is an additional factor here...I had to change my diet and
> water consumption regime.
> 2. it takes off cramps and spasms - massage, auto-massage, warm baths,
> compresses, hot-water bottles. Frequent but short breaks during any
> sitting or standing work.
> 3. detoxication of the abdominal cavity. It sounds a bit mystically
> but in fact it's directed for normal metabolism in abdominal muscles.
> Personally I used vapoured urine compresses for it.
> 4. physical exercises. It's most important topic. At first slow
> walking then more fast. Then swimming if available. Later running and
> special exercises. Upstanding itself, swimming and hanging help us to
> stretch our abdominal organs and to put them to proper natural places.
> I'd like to add that was just my personal opinion... I used all of
> above without any physician's advice. To be frank if there is real
> strangulation of intestine loops then urgent surgery is strongly
> supposed. But if the case is not very serious I believe a man could
> avoid an operation.
> ````````````````
> It has been some time since you last posted messages on the IAS Message
> Board. I want to welcome you back!! It is so good to be able to read
> your responses to messages once again!! How are you doing healthwise?
> ````````````````
> Thanks. I'm rather not bad. I worked hard on couple of software
> projects and had to unsubscribe for some months.
> It seems spring's now and Nature is awaking and all us too. Suppose now
> it's not the time for illness.. :)
> --Igor Gudymenko

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