H e r n i a s.......How he treated his hernia.......complete message.

From: Helen Dynda (olddad66@runestone.net)
Wed Apr 19 18:33:30 2000

At Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Igor Gudymenko wrote:

To be short from various sources I learnt the clue moments of hernia treatment were:

1. decreasing intra-abdominal pressure

2. relaxing abdominal muscles

3. 'detoxication' of the abdominal wall

4. upstanding and proper exercises for abdominal muscles

1. it's caused by gases, constipation, overeating, coughing, prolonged sitting and bending, very fast body movements, insufficient or not equable liquid consumption, various diseases of abdominal cavity. Adhesions is an additional factor here...I had to change my diet and water consumption regime.

2. it takes off cramps and spasms - massage, auto-massage, warm baths, compresses, hot-water bottles. Frequent but short breaks during any sitting or standing work.

3. detoxication of the abdominal cavity. It sounds a bit mystically but in fact it's directed for normal metabolism in abdominal muscles. Personally I used vapoured urine compresses for it.

4. physical exercises. It's most important topic. At first slow walking then more fast. Then swimming if available. Later running and special exercises. Upstanding itself, swimming and hanging help us to stretch our abdominal organs and to put them to proper natural places.

I'd like to add that was just my personal opinion... I used all of above without any physician's advice. To be frank if there is real strangulation of intestine loops then urgent surgery is strongly supposed. But if the case is not very serious I believe a man could avoid an operation.


It has been some time since you last posted messages on the IAS Message Board. I want to welcome you back!! It is so good to be able to read your responses to messages once again!! How are you doing healthwise?


Thanks. I'm rather not bad. I worked hard on couple of software projects and had to unsubscribe for some months. It seems spring's now and Nature is awaking and all us too. Suppose now it's not the time for illness.. :)

--Igor Gudymenko

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