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From: toni welsh (
Wed Apr 19 19:37:54 2000

At Wed, 19 Apr 2000, Karla Nygren wrote: >
>Toni,There are a few of us that have had things show up...I am one....I had
>a total hysterectomy in 87 and the mass of adhesions showed up in 95.
>However, my mass of adhesions were severely inflamed and that may be the
>reason why they were visible.
>Karla N.

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>> Just a quick hello tp let you all know I am thinking of you all, and
>> hope that Ginni and all of you who were scheduled to have surgery are
>> doing okay! I am still the same and tryiny to learn to live with it,
>> until at least things get better with the family, and by then hopefully
>> Intergel will be approved here.
>> I was also wondering if any of you have every had an ultrasound after
>> female organs are gone, if anything showed up as far as a mass. The gyn
>> keeps telling me nothing would show since the ovaries were gone, but
>> when the dr did the surgery in 98, he said the tranverse colon was stuck
>> to the pelvic floor, and smothering the small bowel, and adhesions were
>> running the entire length of the small bowel, you would think if things
>> were like this again, it would show something on an ultrasound or scan.
>> I wish someone would run a test for me again, it has been over a year
>> since they did a small bowel follow through, it was 4 months after
>> surgery, and then he said it looked normal.
>> Take care,
>> Toni


Thank you for your post, I would think at least to run a few tests again, the apin I have been having is getting no better. You have been through so much, I cannot imagine 26 surgeries. The next one I would have would be #11. But that wa over a period of 22 years. Seven were laparotpmies, and the rest of them were laparoscopies.

I am right now smoking way to much for one thing to go under, I am already having trouble breathing, since my father in law got so bad, I knew I had to wait. I was doing so good until he got so sick with the cigarettes, I am ashamed of myself. I told my husband to see what he is going through with cancer, and we still light them. I am planning on the patch, but if my husband does not stop, it is too hard for me, along with so much stress comes too many cigarettes.

karla, do you know when your surgery is going to be? I have been thinking of all of you , but been so busy with my father in law, and my husband, it is getting so hard to deal with my problems. I am trying!


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