still the same

From: toni welsh (
Tue Apr 18 08:47:32 2000

I have been busy with the family due to they are taking my father in law home today. The hospital bed AND THINGS came yesterday, I do not know how long he will live, but we are trying to keep him home.

I have been having alot of pain still, and at times the Ultram helps along with oxycontin. I am still wanting the gyn to run a ultrasound or CAT scan, and he keeps telling me it will not show nothing, but before I go through any surgery, I wish I could talk him into it, at least at this time, I have to help my husband, and last night I had so much severe cramping when I laid down, and seem like it was better this morning, have not some of you had something show even tho your female organs are all gone. I would rather them due some tests again, you would think that the way my bowels were before the ast surgery, if they were all down on the pelvic floor it would show something different than it should be.

Take care, they will be at home soon, and I want to be at the house when they get my father in law home, this is just some extra time with him. Last night when we left the hospital, he thinks we are all going to Florida today, biy is this getting rough. So sad.

Hope all who had surgery recently, are doing okay! Thinking of all you, Toni

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