New Pain Medication

From: Robin (
Tue Apr 18 07:45:01 2000

My pain meds have been changed again. I had been on mscontin 30mg 2x day & vicodin 10mg for break through pain. My dr has now prescribed for me Duragesic 50mcg/hr patch. I think I have heard of this, but I am not sure. My dr hope it will even replace the vicodin, but I can still use it for break through pain. I will let you know if it works well for me. I also have an appointment at a pain clinic in El Paso, Texas on April 26th. I have mixed emotions about it. The last pain clinic I went to, they were planning on giving me a shot to block the pain & both times, when I got there, they had changed their minds. Instead, I was still just treated with meds, then they wanted to send me to another pain clinic to get an implant of either an electrical divise that would block the pain or a morphin pump. That didnt happen either. So, that is why I have mixed emotions about this time. Robin


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