Bowel troubles again

From: Michelle (
Sun Apr 16 21:32:00 2000

I'm a 45 yr. old female,have had a bowel resection back in '95 due to "mystery" according to the surgeon; it was a bowel obstruction that led to peritonitis; had a temp. colostomy; now it's 2000, and have off and on diarrhea, crampy achy pains on one side of lower abdomen one day, next day might be no pains or aches, then next day a very bad "toothache-like" pain on another area of abdomen; I am bloating up off and on....(it's not to do with female organs, they've all been removed in '97 due to endometriosis)...there's almost always a feeling of bloating and pressure and dull general aching in the abdomen areas; if I turn or twist a certain way, I get such a bad "charlihorse" in my stomach area like something's ripping!!!! But it goes away in about 5 minutes....When I press my stomach area, it feels numb sort of; close to the mid-line scar where I was cut open; Already had appendix out at the time of the "mystery" operation, and gallbladder out back in '89......When I bend down to pick something up, it's like I have some inflated balloon in my gut and it aches to bend down or do any real physical moving....even walking is a struggle.

Tomorrow is Monday APril 17, 2000....I am having a CAT scan done to see if anything is going wrong; I have a sneaky feeling it just might be ADHESIONS.....but I know that a CAT scan won't reveal this; but maybe the scan would reveal narrowing of intestines or something...???! I know there's a million causes for things to go astray with the gastroenterlogical systems in humans...I've already ruled out lactose intolerance; tried that lactose-free milk, the tablets, etc.....didn't help a bit.Crhon's disease was ruled out back in the '95 mystery operation. I did try drinking more water (YUK!!!) but when you get the pitcher with the water filter in it and keep it in the fridge it does taste better.....anyhow the water seems to make the bowels move more; and less pure diarrhea......Could all this trouble I'm having be due to worsening adhesions? And I guess when the doc tells me "Nothing negative has been found" in the CAT scan..Will he have me cancel my colonoscopy scheduled for June 26, 2000????!...SHould I demand the next form of diagnosis which would be MRI? Would THIS "see" adhesions? If not, WHY NOT? If the MRI turns out "all is ok"......and I'm STILL having loads of pain and diarrehea, aches, charlie-horses, bloating.... SHould I demand a laparascopy or an exploratory surgery to remove suspected adhesions causing trouble?......I know I should just wait and see.....but I hate waiting!!!!!Any of you going through anything similar now? Am getting apprehensive and worried I might get another intestinal blockage and have to end up wearing one of those gross colostomy bags for the rest of my life!!!!!!!


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