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From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Apr 17 16:44:46 2000

Dear Karla, This website does give a lot of hope to people with hernias, doesn't it? If I had a hernia, I don't think I would automatically decide to have that procedure done.

After so many years of having lived with chronic pain (30+) and having been seem by so many medical practitioners (and emotionally abused by some of them), I would want to read as much information as I that I would be able to make an well-informed decision!

Not only would I look for all the information I could find about hernias; but I would also want to search the various Forums / Message Boards on the Internet for information as to the results other people have had with each of those procedures.

I know that you have been having problems with an abdominal hernia. Have you ever considered sharing your experience here? I understand that it won't be too long before your life-changing surgery will take place. Please know that, in behalf of everyone who posts messages here, we wish for you much success with your up-coming surgery!!!


At Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Karla Nygren wrote:

I think I should have gone to this place for surgery early on......they have a lifetime warranty!!!!!!!


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* The Moran Hernia Technique -- for the repair of inguinal hernias

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