Loops of bowel fixed

From: Helen Chalmers (hchalm@aol.com)
Thu Apr 6 22:41:58 2000

They can't see adhesions on a CT scan, but in securing my medicals the radiologist reports "loops of bowel fixed." Which is something my doc didn't tell me. He said the radiologist saw adhesions. Well they need to unfix these bowels that are fixed. I have found a Dr. in Virginia for pain meds. My appointment is the 18th. 12 days. I cannot believe I have to leave Maryland to find a doctor to treat me. Anyone trying to find a doctor, I know how to find one now. I have learned so much thanks to Helen and Bev. My prayers are with everyone that has to live with these. Thank you for those that responded to my plea!!

Helen Chalmers

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