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Fri Apr 7 10:22:39 2000

How are things today? Do you feel it was worth it?

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> Hi all. Just want to let you all know that I have returned from Germany
> yesterday where 10 days ago I had Dr. Korell do a laparoscopy surgery in
> which he removed my millions of adhesions that covered the bowels. Also
he > removed my neuroma that had formed at the top of the vaginal wall
following > my hysterectomy in 97. I walked 5 hours around Munich 5 days later. If
> anyone is interested please contact me. It is so easy and inexpensive.
The > hospital kept me 5 days but you can stay 7 or 8 if you like. The charge
is > 350 dollars a day and the surgery was about 2,500 dollars. My total was
> around 4,500! He is a master with a scope and is known by Dr. Wiseman. I
> will keep you posted as to the possible regrowth of those horrible
> adhesions. Wish me good luck. I have a chance to have my life back.
> Joanne Butman

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