Re: Ginni and Karla N, and Karla B.

From: Bernie and Beverly Doucette (
Thu Apr 6 20:47:47 2000

Toni.. You are a sweet heart!! May God bless you with strength and courage to carry on until help is there for you..and one day it will will BE!!


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> A special note to all of you, I have not benn reading alot of earlier
> posts, and I was not sure how Karla B was doing either. I feel a
> special bond with you all.
> When I said something about the four grandchilren that were blood
> related, my son is 23 and my husband adopted him, at the time we did not
> have the money years ago, and my husbands parents paid for the adoption,
> my son too is having a VERY rough time, he said he is tired of losing
> people. I thought when we got older life was going to get easier, it is
> getting HARDER. I am having a TOUGH time just enjoying life alone.
> TOni

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