From: toni welsh (
Tue Mar 28 20:53:03 2000

At Tue, 28 Mar 2000, Helen Chalmers wrote: >
>Three months ago I had a total abdominal hysterectomy, and have suffered
>in severe pain ever since. Just two weeks ago my ob/gyn told me he sent
>my CT scan to a different radiologist and she diagnosed it as my having
>adhesions. O.K. now what? My ob/gyn told me that this would be my last
>week of pain meds. Need to figure out a better way to deal with the
>pain. Well, I just don't know how to deal with extreme pain. He has
>referred me to a general surgeon. I am not optimistic about this,
>because in reading all that I can about adhesions, it seems most general
>surgeons don't understand them very well. Can anyone tell me what kind
>of doctor I should see, or if anyone knows of a good surgeon who is
>experienced in adhesions in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I don't think
>I can live without the pain meds, which will stop next week (just
>because, my doctor, thinks I need to find an alternative method then to
>take them). I'd like to see him live with adhesions. Any HELP would
>certainly be appreciated.


You are lucky someone told you that, my drs all say that adhesions show up on NO tests. I ahve begged my gyn to do an ultrasound and CT scan and he says it will show nothing because my female organs are gone, I am planning on asking him when I take my sister Friday if he will pleas edo one, it is not going to hurt,

Then my other sister said he did an ultrasound on her 3 weeks ago, and said she had some small functional cysts on her ovaries, and to take provera , and she stopped it, will not listen, and she says he did another one today, she tells alot of tales, when I had functional cysts he always told me they are nothing to worry about, it happens when women ovulate, and the eggs get stuck there each month. I wish I could talk him into doing some test for me, he keeps on saying a CT scan will not show adhesions, isn't it possible, I would rather have a negative test befor e any surgery for now!


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