From: Kay Moran (
Tue Mar 28 19:51:10 2000

Dear Helen C.

Go to & comb thru the FORUM & the LINKS. You sound desperate. you can e-mail me directly & give me your phone number & I'll call you or I'll give you my phone number & you can call me. You can also e-mail directly to Bev Doucette for help in getting to Dr. Reich in N.Y. and/or a pain doctor in your area which you can also find @ . Don't be put off by all the shouting on this page.

There is not way to deal with the pain except with pain meds or lysis of adhesions. You are not alone.

Kay in Wisconsin

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> Three months ago I had a total abdominal hysterectomy, and have suffered
> in severe pain ever since. Just two weeks ago my ob/gyn told me he sent
> my CT scan to a different radiologist and she diagnosed it as my having
> adhesions. O.K. now what? My ob/gyn told me that this would be my last
> week of pain meds. Need to figure out a better way to deal with the
> pain. Well, I just don't know how to deal with extreme pain. He has
> referred me to a general surgeon. I am not optimistic about this,
> because in reading all that I can about adhesions, it seems most general
> surgeons don't understand them very well. Can anyone tell me what kind
> of doctor I should see, or if anyone knows of a good surgeon who is
> experienced in adhesions in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I don't think
> I can live without the pain meds, which will stop next week (just
> because, my doctor, thinks I need to find an alternative method then to
> take them). I'd like to see him live with adhesions. Any HELP would
> certainly be appreciated.

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